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CSOT has extended the opportunity for any ASOP Registered Technologists the one-time opportunity to join the CSOT by taking and passing the oral and practical examinations in the fall.  Cut off date for joining CSOT is August 15, 2024!


Written Examination

The CSOT written examination is conducted twice a year. Candidates must be a Full Member prior to the deadline of July 1st to be eligible for the fall examination, and February 1st to be eligible for the spring examination.  The fall exams are conducted between August 31st and October 31st, and the spring exams are conducted between March 31st and May 31st.  The written examination is now conducted online with the original 2-hour time limit.  Monitors are still required for the online examination!  The online link for the examination will be sent to the monitor by email approx. 24 hrs prior to the examination.

After successfully passing the written exam, candidates must take part in the next scheduled oral and practical examination.  

If the candidate is unsuccessful in the written exam, a rewrite will take place the falling spring/fall. All candidates have three opportunities to pass the written examination. If unsuccessful after three attempts, a waiting period of two years is required before being permitted to sit the exams again.

All eligible candidates will receive an examination information package with detailed description of the process, expectations and suggested study materials.  Study materials can also be found in the member section of the website.

Oral and Practical Examination

The Oral and Practical examination is available upon successful completion of the written examination and are the final step towards becoming a registered technologist. These examinations will now be offered in the Spring and Fall of each year based on available candidates.

Oral Examination

Each candidate will appear before three examiners. This portion of the exam is approximately 30 minutes in length and will see the candidate express their knowledge of x-ray interpretation, nerve testing for motor and sensory nerves

Practical Examination

In this portion of the exam, the candidate will demonstrate proficiency in each of the following:

  • the use and maintenance of tools and equipment used in orthopaedic techniques
  • application of orthopaedic dressings and bandages
  • application of various types of casts in plaster and fiberglass
  • knowledge of principles of aseptic techniques
  • fitting crutches and canes and instructions of use
  • identification and use of various orthopaedic soft goods (splints, braces etc.)

The Successful Candidate

Upon successful completion of the examinations, a diploma and registry pin with candidate’s registry number engraved on the back will be issued. A letter of notification and diploma will be sent to the Chief of Service. 

Human Resources will receive a letter and an Employer Notification form indicating the candidate’s accomplishment and new role as Registered Orthopaedic Technologist. 

Copies of all letters will also be sent to the candidate. 

About the association

Founded in 1972, the Canadian Society of Orthopaedic Technologists (CSOT), recognized the importance of identifying and credentialling competent Orthopaedic Technologists.

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